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Terms of purchase


This document exposes the contractual conditions that envolve the procurement of products and services through the web site owned by Hayedos Roble SL, (to be called “the company”).


 The acceptance of this document implies that the user or client:

has read, understood and understand it the conditions here exposed. 
That he is a person with sufficient capacity to contract. 
Assumes all obligations arranged here. 

The present conditions will have an indefinite validity and shall apply to all contracts made through the web site 

The provider reserves the right to modify unilaterally such conditions, without affecting the goods or promotions acquired prior to the modification. 


On the one hand, the supplier of services or activities contracted by the user is Hayedos Roble S.L. CIF B39850946, with phone number +34 942873529 and on the other hand is the user  and the client. The user is the person responsible of contracting the service online or by email. The user shall be responsible for the truthfulness of the personal data provided to the service provider and in any case, the user is not authorized to make reservations if he is under 18 years of age. The client is the person enjoying the contracted service. He might be or not the same as the user.

This agreement contract  has as object to regulate the relationship between the provider and the client and user. By accepting these conditions during the online purchasing process, both parts accept these conditions.

If the user making the reservation is different from the client that will enjoy the Service contracted, all the booking conditions here specified and accepted by the user at the time of booking will be passed to the client. 

This contract involves the delivery of a product or service in exchange for a price determined and publicly exposed through the web site. 


The official language of this web page is Spanish. In case of any mistake in its traslation, the Spanish official version will prevail.. 
The responsibility about the veracity of data provided by the user at the booking time  is of the user: any data error (for example, sea dates, number of people or type of trip) will be responsibility of the user and the client will have no option to complain to the company,... 

Once completed the identification form, your are informed that in accordance to the article 27 of the law 34/2002 of Information Services and Electronic commerce, the contracting procurement procedure will be as follows:


selection of the number of units of the item (service) wanted. 
Click on the icon "add to cart" once 
all items selected will be displayed in the upper right corner in the shopping cart. Confirm button to continue the purchase. 
On the next screen you will check your shopping basket, remove items or change units. If you also have a promotional code you can enter it here. Continue button. 
Confirm billing data. Continue button. 
Select the form of payment (bank transfer, Paypal, credit card or cash on delivery). Continue button. 
In the last screen the user can review all the details of the purchase (contracted services, amounts, personal data,...). If the user agrees, then you will press "finalize order" button and to the payment transaction page if you choosed the  payment method credti card or Paypal. 


Once the purchase will be shown a summary of the purchase made. It is important to review the complementary services contracted in the tour acquired as well as some conditions of the tour (see notes), since they vary depending on the tour contracted. 

In any case, you will receive an email with a the confirmation and review of the tour booked. The booking will be confirmed after the payment is received and the email sent. Please check our cancellation, modification and indemnization policy for your interest.


Please notice that it is not allowed that minors take part of the tours if they are not  accompanied by at least one adult. 

The presence of babies in the excursion must be communicated in advance. Non-communication and acceptance of their presence may result in not being allowed to travel in the vehicle for the excursion. We need to know the presence of babies in the tour to book a chair and homologate seat for them. 

Maximum age to participate in our tours including any physical activity (ie: hiking, bicycle, surf or canoe) is 70 years. In any case, should you still wish to participate in our tour, you could do it without taking part in the activity or by signing a disclaimer of liability document. This is so because our accident insurance does not cover participants over 70 years. Please, if this is your case please contact us in advance to see this issue.

Participation in tours to people suffering from a serious illness or physical or psychic handicap is not allowed.

No pets are allowed in the vehicle for organized excursions. However, for private tours or excursions we could accept the presence of animals under prior information and authorization to the company.



If you cancel at least 7 day(s) in advance of the scheduled departure, there is no cancellation fee.

If you cancel between 3 and 6 day(s) in advance of the scheduled departure, there is a 50 percent cancellation fee.

If you cancel within 2 day(s) of the scheduled departure, there is a 100 percent cancellation fee.

For the cancellation of your reservation and request of a refund of the corresponding amount, please make a written  notification. Phone notifications have no value if they are not backed by an email confirming the cancellation of the service by the company.


The receipt of a confirmation by email is the final booking confirmation. However, should the company finally not achieve the minimum group of 4 people to make the trip or should there be adverse weather conditions, the company reserves the right to cancel the tour. In this case, we would give the option change the date and/or type of excursion or to reimburse the full amount corresponding to the Service contracted and not done. 

In the event of adverse weather conditions it will be the company who decides whether or not to perform the tour planned for the date in question. The denial of a user to participate in a tour claiming adverse conditions when the company has already decided to do it does not entitle the client to any compensation. 

In the event of overbooking, the company will offer the customer the option to do the tour another day, either doing a similar excursion (if the payed amount was less than the contracted tour, the company will return to client the difference between the two prices). If the price of the new excursion would be higher, the customer will not pay the difference. Shouldn't the client move the tour date, he would receive a full companesation of the payed total.


PRICE and features of payment 

All prices exhibited at our internet page tax on the value added (VAT) or other taxes that may be applicable. The currency in which prices are presented is – Euro. 

The cost of the tour is calculated according to the existing VAT at the time of the tour or excursion, regardless of the existing VAT at the time of booking. I.e., changes in the VAT between the time of the confirmation of the reservation and the date of the tour will lead the customer to pay the difference. 

Your can allways ask us for an invoice of any booking via e-mail to, however the payment data must be correlated to the requested invoice name. If so, the invoice will be automatically sent to the email address provided by the user. 

For any information about the tour or service, the user/ client can allways get in touch with us through the phone number +34 942 873529 or via e-mail to In any case, please indicate in the subject line of the message the number of order assigned and indicating the email confirmation of your purchase. 


The customer will show a correct behavior, showing respect for the other participants of the tour and the Guide. A permanent rude or insolent behavior will give the company the right to end the excursion service at any time. In  this case, the customer should have to assume at his own cost travel expenses to return to his point of departure. 

Any breakage or damage of the vehicle or material used for the tour due to a negligent behaviour by the client will make him responsible of the damaging costs.



■ this webpage has been created to inform you about the different routes and activities included in the various tours, as well as achieve booking online. 

■ this web is under copyrights any it is prohibited to copy its texts or images. The photos presented here have been acquired with copyright rights. 


These terms and conditions have been developed according to Spanish laws. In case of litige or conflic Spanish legislation will prevail. The company and the user/client agree to submit any controversy that may arise from the provision of goods or services subject to these terms, to the courts and tribunals of Cantabria. 

In the case that the user/client has its home outside of Spain, the company and the user/client, expressly renounce any other jurisdiction, subject to the courts and tribunals of the city of Cantabria (Spain).

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